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Dinelle’s Coming Out Story – A Story of First Love

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I am 19 years old, graduated just last year, and I am completely out to almost everyone I know. I’ve been told I don’t know what I want because I’m just a teenager and it’s just a phase. But ever since I was little I always noticed that while other girls were giggling over the new boy or playing on the swing set, I was beating up the boys and playing with little bugs. When I was younger I didn’t know the words ‘lesbian’ or ‘bisexual’ but I knew the word homosexual and I didn’t even know what it meant. I was only ever told that it was a mental disorder and was something I should hope I didn’t ‘catch’.

My First Kiss

I never knew why I didn’t think guys were so great and always felt weird when we had to pair up to learn a dance or something. I liked hanging out with guys, I just never thought they were cute or fun to be around. I couldn’t tell anyone that I thought girls were cute and always just wanted to play with them because I didn’t know that’s what it was.

My first actual kiss with a girl was with one of my best friends at the time but I didn’t think anything of it because I’d seen girls give each other little kisses all the time. When I was 10 I had my first boyfriend, we never held hands, we never kissed, and we never did anything that would signify we were dating what so ever. After about two and a half years I told him I was sorry but we really were just good friends and we weren’t really dating anyways. He agreed and we’re still friends to this day. When I was 13 I had my first kiss with a boy, it was like I felt nothing, I mean I definitely didn’t want another one, but girls my age were supposed to be kissed by guys, so I went along with it. Finally when I hit 15 I went to put on a performance and was meeting two other girls in our group when I met her. She was a cute girl about my height, my age exactly with short sandy blonde hair and the clearest blue eyes I’d ever seen. The only thing was I didn’t even notice her I was so wrapped up in getting our dance moves right. Later on after the performance the girl asked me to come to the arcade with her and dink around for a little bit. So over that weekend we talked and had a great time.
Over the next week or so we talked almost every day on the phone and on the computer. And we were joking around like normal and I said she was mine jokingly, she asked me then “If I’m yours then why don’t you go out with me?” I literally stopped breathing for who knows how long. I didn’t know what to say or do, or even think. So I asked her to give me until that Friday when I went over to her house. I’d never thought of going out with girls but between the time we hung out and when she asked me that, I had kissed her a few times randomly, just innocent little kisses. And as slow as I am I didn’t put two and two together that this was my first real crush, and that I really liked her.
So when I went over to her place that Friday her best friend asked if we were official now, the girl said she didn’t know but she hoped so. She looked to me and I told her she was right. We went out for about a year and a half before my mom finally found out. At first my mom was terrified and told me I didn’t know what I was doing. Now however she tells me if I’m stressed then I probably just need a girlfriend. Me and my first girlfriend went out for three whole years before she finally told me she didn’t love me anymore. In those three years she cheated on me twice, I forgave her twice, she hurt me in more ways than I could ever imagine, but I was so in love with her I could forgive anything as long as she stayed with me. I’ve had three girlfriends since her, but still I’ve yet to feel the intense and unconditional love I felt for my blonde, blue eyed lover.
Today I am out to pretty much my entire family, no one I know outside my family doesn’t know, and I am happily single at the moment. I am in college and focusing on myself for now, but I’m still always open to sweet loving girls who like me for me. I am a full-blown bisexual who’s not ashamed to admit it.

5 Topics to Avoid If You Choose to Venture into Bisexual Dating

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Bisexuals usually endure disrespectful remarks from straight and gay people because of a common misconception that they are indecisive. However, this is far from the truth, and if you decide to date a bisexual, it is important to respect their sex orientation without forcing them to make a choice. It is important to note that bisexuals can commit to a relationship, the same way straight and gay people can. Therefore, if you choose to follow the bisexual dating path, steer away from the following topics because they will be disrespectful to your partner.

Gender Preference

When you start bi dating, your focus should on making the relationship work and not finding out about your partner’s gender preference. The basic component of any relationship is respect and, therefore, asking your partner about his/her sexual preference, it is disrespectful. Please remember that the person you are dating wants to be with you because of your personality, and not your sexual orientation.

Sexual Orientation

Like mentioned earlier, bisexual usually face discrimination because most people do not understand them. A significant number of people assume that bisexuals are gay people who are yet to make up their mind. Therefore, when you start bisexual dating, you should have a clear understanding of the sex orientation and bringing up sexual orientation topic in hope changing them is disrespectful.


Just because someone is a bisexual does not mean that the person will just date anyone who is interested in dating. Bisexual have standards and, and as previously mentioned, they make their choices based of a person’s character. Therefore, if you are interested in dating bisexual women, please respect them and know that they are faithful, and you can trust them. Starting a cheating topic will insinuate that you have a low level of trust.

The Past

If you choose to date a bisexual, it is unfair to try to dig about the past. It is actually disrespectful when you ask your partner about his or her dating history. Bisexual dating is not easy, especially when one partner do not appreciate the sexual orientation of the bisexual partner. When you ask about someone’s past, you imply that you want to know where his or her preference lies. The past relationships should stay in the past.

Referring to them Straight or Gay

Bisexuals are bisexuals and not straight or gay. The misconception occurs mostly to bisexual women.  If you are dating a bisexual girl, avoid referring to her as a lesbian or a straight girl. She is simply a bisexual. Constantly referring to her a lesbian is mistaking her for something she is not. A relationship should have a foundation of understanding and acceptance. You have to be comfortable with her orientation and identify her with it.

Bisexual Dating: Fulfill Your Fantasy to Be with Another Woman

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Here’s some solid advice to help you fulfill your fantasy about being with another woman.

Maybe the urge to be with another woman has been there for a long time or maybe you discovered it after watching some steamy sex scenes on cable t.v., but now your curiosity is keeping you wondering what it would be like.

Keep in mind that there are differences in approaching a woman based on whether she is lesbian, bisexual, or bi-curious. There are also differences in the overall experience of being with a woman depending on their sexual orientation. Sex with another woman can be super hot and like nothing you have ever imagined. It’s not like you’ve seen depicted in some “straight” girl-on-girl porn flick that you may have watched with your boyfriend.

Where to start? Your experience with another woman will vary dramatically, depending on the “type” and sexual orientation of the woman you choose. If you are the submissive type, look for someone who is more of an aggressive type take-charge woman.
You will have to be a bit assertive and engage in some conversations to feel your way around a bit. Chatting online to get your feet warmed up can be a good idea, if you fiind another woman who is serious about actually meeting in person. Going to local lesbian night clubs can increase your odds of finding an interested woman.
You can also attend events geared towards the LGBT community. If you attend an event and meet someone that interests you and later you meet up for a drink, it’s ok to tell her that you have not been with a woman or whatever your situation is. Honesty is the best policy in any relationship.
You may want to refrain from actually using the term “bi-curious” since it does have a negative connotation.  Being honest is important, but there are multiple ways of expressing your situation without causing someone to pass judgment on you before they have the opportunity to get to know you as a person.
If you decide to join an online women’s  site, like, you should write exactly what you are looking for and be honest about your bi-curiosity. Put up a profile picture, describe yourself physically, and describe the type of woman you are seeking; age, body type, etc. Indicate that you are looking to actually meet someone. Having a complete profile and maintaining an active membership will let other members know you are serious about meeting in person. Don’t give out personal contact information, like your address, until you’ve developed a rapport with another member and feel you’ve gotten to know her somewhat.
Survival Tips. If you find a woman that captures your attention, you already have some things in common, such as doing hair, nails, shopping and other girly things. Invite her for a drink at a sexy restaurant. Keep it short initially to see if there is a connection and if things go well, you can roll it right into a sexy dinner. I would avoid a “straight bar” environment since you will most likely spend part of your time fielding off guys.
If you do want to go for a drink, stick to the gay/lesbian neighborhoods or a restaurant that has a nice lounge/cocktail area. If this all goes well, the next “date” should be spent doing a longer activity, such as a day spa or shopping at a nice venue. If you spend some time talking in between, you may even step it up and plan a weekend getaway to fast track your sexual experience if you both know you are totally into each other. If you are more into sports than the bar scene, meeting up for an activity that engages you both physically could be a good option.
If you meet from an online ad, follow the three step process. Exchange a few emails, have one or two phone conversations, then meet up for a short first encounter (about an hour), such as meeting for coffee, tea, drinks, etc. This way if for some reason it’s not working out, you both have an easy out without creating an awkward moment. Do not spend months of emails and phone conversations. You want to make sure you are attracted to her in person and ensure she is really who she says she is. Online dating is a great option, but be smart and a bit cautious.

If you meet your lady in person randomly, you most likely already know you are physically attracted to each other. After exchanging numbers and speaking on the phone, it’s okay to jump into something longer than coffee or drinks, such as lunch or dinner. Steer clear from going to a movie for the first date, since it prevents you from actually talking and getting to know each other. If, however, you are shy, a movie may be a good way to warm up to each other, spend some time together and work your way up gradually to more conversation. If all goes well and you feel comfortable, you can then follow the movie with drinks or dinner.
Go for it. The above are just some examples of the potential dynamics to think about. It may be a lot to consider, but your goal should be to make your first girl on girl experience all that it can be. So ladies, stop just fantasizing about it; get out there and go for it. There are plenty of women out there who will be more than willing to help you explore your interests. Whatever the outcome, you will both get to share something exciting, sexy, and fun and in these economic conditions, fulfilling some of our fantasies and exploring new feelings can lessen our day to day stresses. Explore your options and get to know who you are, but be honest with yourself and whomever you meet.

Evan Rachel Wood on what people misunderstand about bisexuality

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Ever since Evan Rachel Wood came out as bisexual in 2011, she’s been very vocal about wanting to eliminate the misconceptions many people have about bisexuality. Last week, Wood wrote a series of really important and informative tweets, detailing the reality of the discrimination that people who are bisexual face daily. Her goal was to bring awareness and use social media to educate — and she succeeded big time.

This week, Wood talked to Nylon magazine about overcoming shame sometimes placed on those who identify as bisexual, as well as all the misunderstandings surrounding it.

When asked how she overcame her bi-shame, she said, “Years of trying to fit into a box I didn’t belong in. I realized I was happier when I just accepted myself. I stopped feeling like I had to prove my “queerness.” I knew who I was and that was enough. Also just noting that some people view the word queer as offensive. Some embrace it and identify with it. I always liked the word when it wasn’t being used in a derogatory way. So to be clear, I am using it in a non-derogatory sense.”

For those who may not know the difference, Wood explained how experimentation and actual bisexuality are very different. “Experimentation is just that,” she said. “Trying something out because you are curious. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. I can only speak from my own experience and I wasn’t doing it for attention or because I was curious. It was like a fire in my soul that I had to let out or I would never be complete.”

Wood explained that for some people, bisexuality can be a transition into being gay, but that’s not the case for everyone.

“Some people go through more of a transition, for whatever reason they feel. But just because you once identified as bisexual and now you identify as gay, doesn’t mean every bisexual is just ‘afraid to come all the way out.’ Your experience is your experience. Period. I have a feminine side and a masculine side. I think I finally found a good marriage between the two. They have made peace with each other. When I am with a man, I am not straight. When I am with a woman, I am not gay. I am always bi. I am always me. I can’t ‘pick a side’ or ‘shut one down.’ One is not better than the other. They are just different. The only choice I make is the choice to be happy by letting go and just being myself.”

She went on to discuss how we can all be better allies for the bisexual community. “Try not to judge someone before you really know their story,” Wood said. “Be good to people who are good to you. And don’t let bad experiences with certain people taint your perception of an entire group of people. That’s how extreme points of view take over and bigotry is born.” Her advice holds true for being better allies to all people everywhere.

For many people trying to understand bisexuality, the misconceptions they may have don’t necessarily mean that they don’t approve of or support bisexuality — they may just now know enough facts. People may not view bisexuality it as a classification of sexuality, even though it absolutely is. But if they’ve been paying attention to Evan Rachel Wood, they certainly have a much better idea now. We are so happy that Wood’s voice is being heard, and hopefully her openness will help open the minds of everyone.

Check out the full Nylon interview here.

From Straight Girl to Bisexual: How I Fell for My Best Friend and Her Boobs

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Hello Friends.  First of all I would like you to imagine me on a children’s rocking horse, which happens to be located at the top of a ten-foot slide.  The bottom of that slide is three feet from wherever you are reading this post.  Imagine hearing a fun circus-type whistle and BOOM – I’m flying right at you; this is how I would like to enter your world if you will allow me to do so.  The reality is that I’ll be writing this column from my apartment in Echo Park, Los Angeles, where ‘La Cucaracha’ is currently playing via car horn for the sixth time today.

Okay, so blah blah blah, my best friend’s boobs.  Four short years ago I was a straight.  Today, I am a bisexual lesbian. Girl, we need to talk.  So much has happened. Where have you been? Why didn’t I realize sooner in life?  I’m in my thirties.  What took so long?  Seriously.

Let’s get back to my best friend’s boobs.

It all happened so quickly.  One day I was sitting on the couch with my best friend and the thought of kissing her or any other woman had never occurred to me until that moment.  So I asked her if I could.  She said no.  She didn’t feel that way about me.  She felt emotionally connected to me, but not physically.  Fine.  But that didn’t stop me from exploring those feelings.  She and I hooked up a tiny bit and did agree that we were dating emotionally, just not physically.  Truthfully, I just don’t know how she could resist me – I am quite adorable.

The good thing about all this is that it’s led me to love.  What could be so wrong with that?  I’m happy to say though that back then I wasn’t scared of the impulse, it was nice to like something new. (Boobs.)  I didn’t judge the feeling, either.  I just thought, maybe I should look into this. (Boobs.)  I did and here I am: a bisexual lesbian.   Ain’t no thang, baby.  (I’ll stop with the boobs.)

I need to amend my ‘La Cucaracha’ comment: make that eight times today. I was just lucky enough to get a double dose.  Thank you, Echo Park.

I’m excited to write this column because I think there are some people who are confused sexually andpolitically.  But don’t worry, I’m not here to preach, sheeps.  But I might be here to brag.  I guess I’m proud that I’ve made sweet beautiful love to both sexes and can firmly say that I truly satisfy both.  Not many people can say that.  I can, baby.  Jazz hands.

I’m not saying that I’ve slept with a lot of people.  Calm down and go soak your tampons in some more alcohol.  Drinking through your mouth is ten minutes ago.  ALL I AM TRYING TO SAY IS THAT I’VE HAD A LOT OF SEX IN MY LIFE with a limited number of partners belonging to BOTH sexes.  And I’m saying this because I think I deserve at least a plaque or something?

In case you’re keeping score, I can count the amount of people I’ve slept with on two hands.  Which is no small feat in this post-Jersey Shore, call a taxi and run era.  (I actually just stopped writing this to count the amount of people I’ve been with to make sure my testimony is accurate.  The numbers are in: Look Mom, TWO HANDS!!)

I guess I feel the need to share all this because I feel like making endless love to both sexes successfully makes me a bad ass.  Maybe that makes me a dork.  Maybe the only place I want to be right now is at the top of a mountain wearing nothing but underwear and a leather jacket screaming, “I’m a bisexual lesbian, baby.  AIN’T ANY THANG.”

I do feel like I should have figured this out at some point during my adolescence, though: I wanted to be Joe Elliot, the lead singer for Def Leppard, for God’s sake.  Why didn’t that clue me in?  (To be fair, I also wanted to be Bo Derek, Wembley from Fraggle Rock and Madonna – so I get the confusion.)  It just didn’t occur to me, not during my four years of college on a softball scholarship, not during my time in Europe playing semi-professional soccer for Manchester United, not even when I marveled at my impressive tube sock collection did it occur to me.  Maybe it just shouldn’t matter when, maybe it’s just about the who and the what.  Right now I feel like I’m finally me and if it takes dating both sexes for years to figure it out then so be it.  The B word isn’t such a bad thing.

I’m proud to be bisexual.  We’re a misunderstood breed.   When I came out to my gay friends, I thought I was going to get some kind of a welcome gliteratti leather and lace parade with a ball later that night that included a step and repeat.  Nope.  All I got was, “You’re a slut, you’re confused, you’re in a phase, we don’t want you.”  Well, fine.  Be that way.  My tube sock collection might suggest otherwise, but I’m pretty secure in the fact that it’s all about the person to me.  Why else would I date a Star Wars nerd?

And maybe it is a phase, but I don’t think so.  I think we have more important things to think and care about other than who our fellow friends, relatives and/or students love.   That feels a little preachy, but too bad.  I don’t think that there’s anything that should hold you back from what your heart is telling you except bad breath.  Get a mint, girl, and let’s talk.

Why to Avoid free Bisexual Dating Site?

free vs paidBisexual dating is not easy especially when one is looking for love. This is why it is important to be keen when choosing a dating site. There are mainly two types of sites, those that are free and those that one must pay to use the site. Though most people tend to opt for free sites, it is highly advisable to opt for the pay to use sites. There are several reasons behind this. Depends on your packet also, but paid websites are mostly better then the free ones and offer very good results.  There are different websites, which caters to the needs of different people and based on the need one can decide which is the best for them.

The most important reason as to why you should avoid free bisexual dating sites is to avoid fake profiles. Most people that opt to pay to use the services are serious about bisexual relationships. This means that you increase your chances of having a successful bisexual relationship. Apart from that, pay to use sites, tend to offer better services compared to free dating sites. But, there exists a problem should be solved: how to find a suitable bisexual online site?

Safety is the other reason as to why you should avoid free dating sites. Most of the free dating sites allow any individual to join without ensuring safety of their members. On the other hand, some pay to use sites tends to go the extra mile to screen their members. This ensures safety when going on dates and when using the site.

Some of the main factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing dating sites include;

  • Cost- there are some dating sites that charge a certain fee while there are others that are totally free. Though most people tend to opt for the free sites, this is not advisable. The main reason behind this is that most of the members may not be serious in finding a spouse. This is why it is advisable to opt for the paying sites. Ensure that the site is affordable depending on the variety of services they have to offer.
  • Type of site- as mentioned above there are some sites that mainly deal with certain types of relationships. It is advisable to choose a dating site that solely dwells on your dating preference. For instance, if one is bisexual it will be better to opt for bisexual dating sites. The major advantage of doing this is that you will be able to increase your chances of finding the perfect match.

So what are you waiting for, visit a good website, which will help you find someone good and has good service and even if it means paying something you should not worry about it. As if you do then you end up being alone and that is something you do not want, so what are you waiting for, just go ahead and start with your dating and have fun, at all times. Also you can access these websites on the mobile.

Tips on Getting Support as a Bisexual

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Being bisexual, you may often feel alone and misunderstood. One of the reasons behind these feelings is the lack of information on this formerly ‘taboo’ topic and the abundance of ‘negative’ opinions surrounding it. However, getting support isn’t impossible nowadays, as 3.4% of the US population identifies itself as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender. And the numbers continue to grow as more people open up to accept who they are. Besides, how long can a person stay in the dark? Are you looking for help and support too? If so, follow these useful tips:

(Before we move on, it is important for you to be aware there is nothing wrong with bisexuality. Why? Because human sexuality is complicated and what may seem attractive to one gender or human may not necessarily be for another. Instead of feeling depressed or hating yourself, move past the phase of regret and accept who you are. Cheers!)

  • Be Open from the Start

In this age of vast information, blogs and articles have become important tools for distributing knowledge and news to diverse populations. Forget about hiding your sexuality and look for support by reading numerous books and articles online on LGTB support websites and communities. Once you start reading, you will begin to understand and appreciate your sexuality. Besides, what can be better than loving a person for who he/she really is, regardless of their sex? You are unique!

  • Get in Touch with LGBT Organizations

Are you looking for proper advice regarding how to reveal your sexuality to others? If so, get in touch with LGBT organizations right away. You can find many LGBT communities online that offer confidential and non-judgmental ‘helpline’ services. They provide valuable listening, support, advice, and information to bisexual people, their friends, families or anyone seeking professional assistance in helping others who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

  • Talk to Other Bisexuals

Nobody can be more understanding regarding your sexual orientation than a person who is like YOU and knows the pains and challenges of being bisexual or the ‘oddball’ of the society. Join bisexual communities online and be friends with other bisexuals. This way, you can gain the confidence of speaking to others and openly reveal your sexuality to them. Revealing your sexuality to a person who knows exactly how it feels like will also lessen the ‘burden’ on your shoulders and enable you to stop feeling ashamed of who you are.

  • Stay Away from ‘Negative’ Individuals

You can always find friends who will accept you for who you are. But you will also find many people who will actually make your situation worse by constantly berating, making fun of you, or calling you weird names. Don’t let these ‘negative’ individuals affect you and instead avoid them at all costs. Of course, you do want to blend in, but with time and patience, people will learn to accept you similar to how they learned to accept gay and lesbians.

So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, getting support as a bisexual won’t be a problem.

How I finally came to terms with my sexuality

It was a completely normal day, and I was Skypeing with my friend in Sweden. We talk every week about everything—our lives, our future plans and even the political state of the world. I met her when I studied in Sweden for a year, and we had been close ever since.

We had lived with ten other international students, and were gossiping about their relationship status when my friend asked me the kind of question that friends sometimes do. “Actually, we’ve never talked about this—would you say you’re straight?”

Direct? Maybe, but it’s not a difficult question to answer if you know for sure. Not one to lie, or even have the ability to hide my emotions well, I blushed and mumbled and her eyes twinkled with the excitement of breaking new ground. Stunned at how the conversation had turned on me, I quickly asked her the same, and she answered “Yes, but I am open minded.”

Practically squirming with a mixture of surprise and embarrassment, I changed the subject and tried to momentarily forget our unusually clunky discussion. I knew that I liked guys. I had been with guys, and I was attracted to guys. But there was this weird nagging thought that maybe just guys wouldn’t be enough for me. Had I been attracted to girls in the past? Yes. Had I ever been with a girl? Nope.

I felt like I could never be with a girl until I could truly understand and accept my sexuality, and put a label on it. Because really, that label tells you what to do, and tells others what you do, doesn’t it?

I love, respect and support LGBT people and their rights. But I was scared of the negative impact coming out as something other than straight could have on my life—the disappointed grandparents, the backlash from close-minded friends, and who knows what else.

Did the term bisexuality fit me? I wasn’t sure; it seemed very blunt and equal. I always liked guys more than I liked girls, so could I truly call myself bisexual?

I pondered these questions for weeks, fighting my urges to forget the whole thing and call myself an open-minded straight person just like I had before—except why did that always feel like lying?

And then, like a ton of bright pink feathers it hit me. I didn’t need a label. I am lucky enough to live in a time, and a country, where gay people of all types are accepted and celebrated.

Everyone is on a spectrum, and love is love. It didn’t matter if I failed to pick a side for myself, as long as I could accept my sexuality exactly as it is.

So after a lifetime of confusion and strange half-lies, I fully accept myself. I am not straight, and I am not bisexual. I am on the spectrum, like so many other people. I am me, and I am a part of the gay community. And proud of it.

12743727_719681134800181_8068022660104911112_nIf you’ve starting to date again, you’ll discover that it’s never been easier to find other bisexuals, such as yourself. Online dating has opened up a whole new world for people who prefer both sexes. Gone are the days of attempting to find someone in a bar, or through newspaper ad personals. Two websites that are often used by bisexuals to find their dates are BiCupid, and Craigslist.
While a website is a great way to find a new date, some are better than others. Many people interested in bi datingdon’t want to pay money to find singles. Craigslist is one type of classified ad site that not only doesn’t require a registration to sign up, it’s also free.

Bicupid is one of the bisexual dating sites where sign up is free. There are certain features of the site where you can search and view profiles, but if you want to unlock some of the additional features, you’ll need to pay for a gold membership.

How can you make a decision on which bisexual websites to try? There are limited hours in the day, and you may only have time to use one. So, Bicupid versus Craigist: Which is better for bisexual hookup?

Craigslist is an online marketplace where people place wanted, for sale, or dating ads online. You do not know who the individuals are. If you place an ad, there are no guarantees that the people who contact you are who they say they are, as there has been no prior ID verification.

love over 40

On Craigslist, you could be opening yourself up to dangerous situations. There could be scammers trying to collect personal information from you, there could be criminals who could bribe you, or worse, and there may be people who aren’t disclosing their diseases. That’s on top of abnormal persons who may be against your lifestyle, and looking for a reason to bully and hurt you.

BiCupid is a professional online bi dating site. It offers an additional level of security, as personal contact information is required to sign up on the website, including a valid credit card. But don’t worry, this information is protected by privacy laws, and is only used by the site for identification verification, and to bill your account. When you’re on BiCupid, you’ll feel confident that you’re actually browsing profiles of real people, who could be interested in you.

You’ll also have a greater chance of finding dates on BiCupid. It’s possible you could meet for a date tomorrow. But, if you’re on Craigslist, do you think you’d really be ready to meet someone you just connected with on there?

While Craigslist is free, there could be many bad people trolling the site, whereas on BiCupid, membership will consist of 100% bisexual couples or singles like yourself. Your chances of finding the perfect date on BiCupid will exponentially increase through signing up for a Gold Membership.

On Craigslist there are no guarantees at all, and you could be wasting a lot of time sifting through fake profiles, before you even get to actually go on a real date. Stick to real bisexual dating websites, such as BiCupid, where you’ll find the perfect bisexual person for you.